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          十大正规网赌 - 网赌最佳平台

          COVID-19: Campus UPDATE

          open for opportunity.
          make your next move here.
          nationally-accredited programs.
          start here, go anywhere.
          personalized instruction.
          individualized success.
          create the future
          you want.
          Remote Career Support
          Free Career Assessments, Job Postings, Career Tips, and More
          Summer Hours
          New campus hours June 15 - Aug 7
          Cobra Comeback
          New Debt Forgiveness Program
          Fall 2020
          Update on Classroom Instruction
          Registration for Fall 2020 Underway
          Classes Begin August 24
          In-Person Appointments Available
          Campus Offices Open

          Parkland College



          Parkland SWFT-GCPA Program Grads Receive Trades Jobs

          5 Parkland SWFT grads accepted into apprenticeships 

          Parkland Career Training Programs Eligible for State Funding

          8 Community Education career programs have been approved to receive funding through the Illinois Workforce Innovation and Opportunity...

          Student Life Announces Student Organization Award Winners

          The office of Student Life is pleased to present the winners of its 2019-2020 Student Organization Award.



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